A Review on Performance of Two and four Stroke Copper Coated S. I. Engine with Alcohols and Catalytic Converter

Dinesh R. Satpute, Sahil Maniyar, Umais Khan


his paper is presenting performance of two & four stroke
S.I. engine under use of alcohol in a blend with gasoline (80%
gasoline, 20% methanol by volume) inside a copper coated engine
[CCE, copper thickness, 300 micron) coated on inner area of cylinder
head and on piston crown] along with the catalytic converter
consisting of catalysts such as manganese ore and sponge iron, This
modified arrangement is then compared with standard engine with
plain gasoline operation. A notably increased Brake Thermal
Efficiency was obtained when gasoline blended with methanol was
Again the main result that was obtained showed decreased amounts
of CO and UBHC up to 60%. Gasoline blended with methanol
remarkably reduced pollutants in both versions of the engine in
comparison to standard engines with gasohol operations.

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