Prof. Amol D. Potgantwar

Prof. Vivek N. Waghmare


SF’s International Journal on Emerging Trends in Technology (IJETT)

We would like to warmly welcome all the authors, students, research scholars from the SF’s International Journal on Emerging Trends in Technology (IJETT) & to say how glad we are to have such a rich collection of works.

More than 100 papers were submitted for the journal, out of which only 20 papers were selected after peer reviewing by the reviewers drawn from the technical committee depending on the subject matter of the paper, on the basis of originality, significance & clarity for the purpose of the research. Hopefully, the selected papers will inspire the students, scholars & scientist for further interesting research work.

The papers you will read during this Issue represent a careful selection of the current researches in theories & applications of Engineering & Technology.

The success of this journal was possible only because due the enthusiasm & best efforts of many people, to who we are very much grateful.

We would like to thank all authors, students, researchers for their submissions & also the reviewers for their continued interest, energy & supports.