A Novel Approach for Authentication in File Transfer U sing Bluetooth

Tayyaba Tamboli, Sayli Raut, Rohini Musale


In today’s world nothing is secure. In all fields there is confidential data, and it should be secure. The data should not get hacked by the hackers or anyone who will misuse the confidential information. To protect such kind of information som e security mechanism is available. Password is commonly used technique to secure our data. We all are familiar with the textual password. The shoulder surfing attack is possible for this type of scheme also those passwords can easily guess. Many schemes are suggested for overcome shoulder surfing attack but none of them was efficient & secure. In this paper, we propose an improved text-based shoulder surfing resistant graphical password scheme by using colors. Next, after logging in into system through graphical password scheme, we are also implementing a scheme for file transfer via Bluetooth which provides an easy way to store your mobile data at some other place in a secured way. This application would not allow access to the mobile or computer data to an unauthorized user as this data would be in encrypted form. 

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