Intelligent Street Light System for Smart City

Rahul V. Awathankar, Gayatri M. Phade, Omkar S. Vaidya, Vaibhav Joshi, Kavita Patil


The electricity consumption in public places is increasing with enormous speed daily in developing countries like India. As contrasted and the utilization, the electricity generation process is growing with very little pace. Also, nowadays human life has become so busy that he didn't get time to switch off the light wherever not required. The current structure looks like the street lights that will be traded in the night prior to the sun sets and switched off the next morning after there is satisfactory light in the city. In this paper, we are presenting the best answer for electrical power wastage. Here, with the help of advanced embedded system design, it can be possible to enormously save the energy consumed by street lights, especially on highways. Additionally, the manual task of switching off the lighting framework is totally dispensed with this proposed system. Here the IR sensor module network is used which is a blend of IR LED and photodiode to identify the presence of vehicles out and about. The microcontroller atmega 328p is programmed using embedded D programming language and used as the frontal cortex to control. Finally, the framework has been effectively composed and actualized as a model framework. With the results and graph, it can be concluded that in, the proposed system 50-60 % less energy is consumed than in the regular system. Also, LDR is used here so that during the daytime light should remain turned off.


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