Noise & Toxic Emission Control by using AQUA SILENCER

Vicky Battishe, Monish Gavale, Jaywant N. Yadav


—Climate breakdown is increasing on our earth due to major increase in the pollution. Air pollution is very serious problem on our world. The main components due to which the air pollution is increasing are (CO),(UBHC),(Nox) and lead which is get exposed from vehicles[1].Air pollution is a large problem from the public health of view, because of every individual person breaths approximately 22000 times a day, inhaling about 15 to 22 kg of air daily.Polluted air cause physical ill effects decide undesirable aesthetic and physiological effects[2].Hence to reduce these pollutants from exhaust of engine an technology is introduced called Aqua silencer. Sound produced under water is less hearable than it produced in atmosphere. This mainly because of small sprockets in water molecules, which lowers its amplitude thus, lowers the sound level[3].


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