A Method for Near Duplicate Image Matching

Asst.Prof. Namrata D. Ghuse, Pallavi R. Kudal


The image can be modified using some transformation of original images that form close to duplicating images. An image is delineated by its size or length and the range of patches within the image varies with relevance the length. Similar patches are considered to be a similarity measure between two duplicate images. Image portrayal and Image similitude estimation are two noteworthy issues in the image coordinating. The proposed strategy extricates patches from is given an image and speaks to by factor length signature. The mark is additionally approved in a near duplicate image characteristic image recognition, which settles on a choice about whether two images are duplicates or not. The near-duplicate image recovery goals for recovering important images from an image database which are like question image.

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Li Liu, Yue Lu, Senior Member, IEEE, and Ching Y. Suen, Fellow,


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