Optimization of Membrane Separation Process for Comparative Study of Clarification Process of Enzyme Treated and Untreated Lemon Juice

Shamli A. Chopde


The efficiency of microfiltration (MF) process on enzyme treated and untreated lemon juice for clarification in terms of juice quality has been evaluated. The scope of work   also aimed to evaluate microfiltration membranes on the basis   of flux as a function of time. Lemon juice squeezed from fresh fruit was given enzyme pretreatment to reduce fouling. Enzyme treated juice shows improved clarity and reduced turbidity and reduced viscosity as compared to untreated lemon juice. The microfiltration experiments were performed with total recycling on enzyme treated and untreated lemon juice. It has been noted that permeate flux for enzyme treated lemon juice is more than untreated lemon juice. The result shows that the MF clarified enzyme treated lemon juice permeate has considerable titrable acidity, pH, vitamin C and 0Brix values as compared to untreated lemon juice.

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