Website Development for E-commerce Platform

S. C. Tendulkar, A. P. Raut, S. B. Varape, R. P. Bansode, P. G. Gaikwad


E-commerce websites are used on daily basis by people from developed and developing countries to purchase their day to day’s need. Here, we developed E-commerce website to bridge gap between farmers and end users. This website is user friendly for end user. We Provides services like branding, consultancy, water solution. We sell dry fruits like Badam, Kismish, Kaju, Pasta, etc. As information concerning dried fruits are hardly available, the recognition of consumer’s preferences for dried fruit and products containing them in different contexts was undertaken. The objective of website is to deliver the online shopping product through web platform. This project is an attempt to provide the features of online shopping to customer of a healthy food and many different types of products. It helps buying the products in the shop anywhere through internet by using an Android Device, Laptop and Computer. Users can enjoying the shopping from anywhere, the shops won’t be losing any more users to the trending online shops such as a flip cart or e-Bay. It includes all shop information such as Customers record keeping, user just have to enter the primary information about a user and his/her account. Thus our website is highly integrated. It also has an easy to use interface for customers, dealer and blood donner

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