Implementation of Steganography System based on Edge Detection and LSB Technique

Madhurima R. Bodhale, P. C. Bhaskar


In recent years, transfer of multimedia data on the internet has been developed rapidly. Interaction using digital media has become easier and convenient to people as compared to traditional methods. But, at the same time it provides exposure to the attackers to attack the confidential data. There has been growing
interest in developing effective techniques for protection of data. Data hiding is the process of hiding data in another medium to obtain a secure transmission of confidential data over the network. There are various techniques with the help of which data hiding can be achieved out of which one of the well-known technique is Steganography. Steganography is one of the most powerful technique to conceal the existence of secret data inside a cover object. Images are the most popular cover medium used in steganography. This paper shows how the edges of the images can be used to hide text message. The paper provides the  steps for the embedding algorithm and extracting algorithm for image steganography. The algorithms are implemented in MATLAB software. The algorithms make use of an edge detection algorithm and LSB technique. The design balances the tradeoffs such as imperceptibility, quality and capacity.

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