Embedded System Development for Estimation of Nitrogen Content of Plants for Healthy Crops

Anagha Wankhede, Sandhya Waghmare, B. P. Joshi


Nitrogen (N) plays important role in the crop/plant’s life cycle. It is the main plant mineral nutrient needed
for chlorophyll production and other plant cell components such as amino acids, nucleic acids, proteins. Crop yield is affected by plant N status. Plants usually contain Nitrogen (N) up to 5% by its weight. There are various techniques of estimating N in the plants such as Chemical analysis of leaves, Leaf Colour matching Chart etc. These techniques are time overruling and costlier. Electronic handheld equipment has been developed that gives instant and accurate N content of the plants to the farmers. This will enable crop growers to quickly and easily decide on proper application of fertilizer and also help in environment protection.

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