Hardware Implementation of Digital Watermarking System for Video Authentication Using Bit Replacement Algorithm & DWT

Akshay A. Jadhav, R. V. Babar, M. S. Gaikwad


The rapid development taken place in the field of multimedia, Network & communication field. So it’s required to protect the data while transmitting. The only solution to this is Digital Watermarking, Which provides copy right protection and Authentication of data in network. This paper proposed novel Steganography technique based on LSB & DWT. Steganography is art and science of invisible communication .The LSB algorithm inserts bits of hidden message into least significant bit of the selected video frame. Here we proposed hardware implementation of Digital watermarking system for video Authentication. MATLAB is use to convert the video frames in to the pixel files. To implement this we need XPS & VB. Then select the hardware and software component required. Generate the bit stream. This generated bit stream is downloaded to the FPGA & results seen on pc through VB.

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