An Experimental Study on the Effect of Parametric Variation on Cold Mass Fraction of Vortex Tube

R. V. Kathari, K. D. Devade, V. M. Kaler


Vortex tube is a simple device which takes in
compressed air and splits it to two air streams i.e. cold and hot air
streams. Cold air coming out of vortex tube can be used for
refrigeration and air conditioning purpose, so vortex tube can be a
substitute for conventional refrigeration and air conditioning
systems. Cold mass fraction of vortex tube is considerably
influenced by its geometrical and thermo physical parameters.
Present study deals with the experimental investigation on the
effect of these geometrical and thermo physical parameters on Cold
mass fraction of vortex tube. Vortex tube with length to diameter
ratio (L/D) 15, 16, 17 and 18, conical valve angle(θ) 30°, 45°, 60°,
75° and 90°, cold end orifice diameter(do) 5, 6 and 7mm have been
experimented with inlet pressure(p) 2 to 6 bar for optimum Cold
mass fraction. The maximum cold mass fraction is obtained as
0.9825 at 5 bar pressure at L/D ratio of 17 ,6mm orifice diameter
90 degree conical valve angle, The minimum cold mass fraction is
of 0.2273 at 2 bar pressure at L/D ratio of 16 , for 60 degree
conical valve angle with 5 mm orifice diameter.

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