Intellegent Employee Authentication using RFID and Face Detection

Kalyani Kadlag, Prerana Kale, Kalyani Pagar


In most of highly secured industries employees are
provided with radio frequency identity. As finger print systems are
also available. But there are many tricks to hack the finger print and
use then to access the entry. Here we are implementing the RFID
based employee authentication system with image recognition(face
detection). The employees are made to pass through the
Authentication Systems at the main entry. The authenticity of
employee is being checked by means of RFID credentials being
carried by the employee in their RFID based Identity Card. When
card will be detected at that time image of the employee will be
captured and will be send to personal computer to verify it with the
original database of the detected RFID card. Once system detects the
RFID credentials then it will automatically display all the
information about the employee and image recognition is done then
security at the entry gate can identify whether the employee is
authorized or not. If it is unauthorized then proper action will be
taken such as sounding the buzzer.

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