Performance Assessment of Standalone PV/T Collector under Hybrid Cooling Condition with Different air Flow Rate

Uzma Qureshi, Md. Amaan


This paper is presenting the behavior of a PVT system in
the terms of its efficiency under hybrid cooling mode with two air
flow rates as 0.054 kg/sec and 0.108kg/sec along with the water
flow above the surface of module. Experiments have been conducted
during the cloudy weather from 10 hrs to 17 hrs during 17th April to
17th may 2015 at the JCI project solutions PVT Ltd, India. Air is
made to flow through the air passage at the back of the PV panel
and water to flow above the surface of the PV module. It has been
noted that the electrical efficiency of the PV panel for cloudy
conditions is higher, whereas thermal efficiency is lower. It is also
found that the cell temperature is maintained low at the higher mass
flow of the cooling air and low ambient temperature. The higher and
lower values of overall efficiency of the PVT system are found
higher as 17.69% and 5.63 % respectively in case of 0.108 kg/sec
air mass flow rate.

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