Resource Allocation Methods in Cloud Computing : Survey

T. Naresh, A. Jaya Lakshmi, Vuyyuru K. Reddy


Resource allocation is a plan for utilizing available
resources, consider the example human resources, especially in the
closer term, to achieve goals for the future. Cloud computing is
internet-based effective computing in which large groups of remote
servers are networked to give opportunity for the centralized storage
of data, and retrieving online computer services or shared resources.
Cloud computing gains business customers to scale up and down
their resource usage based on requiremets. Virtual machine (VM)
technology being more and more grown-up, calculate resources in
cloud systems can be divided in fine granularity and allocated on
demand. The main aim of our approach is that effective
prioritization method. Initially many users send the service request
for the cloud server; the cloud server decides the priority among the
different user request using the modified priority algorithm.

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