Finite Element Analysis of Electric Golf Cart Chassis

Santosh D Katkade, Vasim A Shaikh, Mahesh S Bankar, Gajanan Z Jadhav, Suyog Shinde, Akash Deore


The automotive chassis is an important part of an automobile. The chassis serves as a framework for supporting the body and different parts of the automobile. Also, it should be rigid enough to withstand shock, twist, vibration, and other stresses. Along with strength, an essential consideration in chassis design is adequate bending stiffness for better handling characteristics. So, maximum stress, maximum equilateral stress, and deflection are essential criteria for the design of the chassis. This report is the work performed towards optimising the automotive chassis with constraints of maximum shear stress, equivalent stress, and deflection of chassis under maximum load. Structural systems like the chassis can be easily analysed using finite element techniques. sensitivity analysis is carried out for weight reduction. So a proper finite element model of the chassis is to be developed. The chassis is modeled in PRO-E. FEA is done on the mode-led chassis using the ANSYS Workbench


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