Design and Development of Plastic Reprocessing Grinding Machine

Pallavi A. Gade, Kanchan A. More, Vidya S. Visave, Vishal Vighe


Plastic is undoubtedly to reign among the variety of materials for its varied applications; engineering machinery parts to domestic appliances to packaging’s. Plastic causes serious environmental problems. Although they are not intrinsically dangerous, they take up a huge amount of space in landfills and they are made from a non-renewable resources, namely fossil fuels for this reasons it is important that, where possible plastics are recycled. The use of plastic is increased now days in many industries like automobile, packaging, medical, etc. as it is easier to manufacture, handle and reliable to use and also at large scale with low cost. The available machines used to recycle the plastic waste are very costly. They pack this waste and give them to the local processing plants. So the process of packaging and transporting is much costly. So our intension behind this project is to process the waste plastic bottles as cheap as possible by cutting where it is made for reducing of labor work which results in cost reduction. A new cutting machine is designed to increase the output of the existing grinding machine. This project describes about the design and experimentation of modified plastic bottle grinder. The idea behind the project is to increase the output of the existing machine without completely changing its whole assembly and only changing its cutter-rotor assembly and obtain required size of flakes.


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