Starvation Prediction’s: A Review

Mr.Kanchan B.Mahajan, Mr.Nikhil L.Kulkarni, Mrs.Bharati A.Patil, Mr.Pradnyesh J.Bhisikar


This is the research paper based on people about malnutrition. Its imbalance between body requirements and the input of nutrients which can lead to nutritive complaint or starvation. The early discovery of malnutrition can help the patient to reduce unborn damage and expenditure on treatment of it. The Malnutrition Sensor will take the patient’s name, height, weight, age etc. as input and show the nutrition position of the patient. The patient only have to install the operation fill his details and the app will induce the nutrition position of patient and also suggest the diet and exercise and in worst cases the help of the nutritionist will be suggested.


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