Intoxicated Driver Recognition using Car Ignition Lock-A Brief Survey

Mr.Amit H. Palve, Mr. Kanchan B. Mahajan, Mr. Nikhil L. Kulkarni, Mr. Pradnyesh J. Bhisikar


Now days many issues of accidental are happen due to ingestion of alcohol. Every time it's reported about2.3 million unseasonable deaths due to dangerous consumption of alcohol. In this research we proposed alcohol discovery for use in machine ignition locking system using Arduino. The temperature of the breath sample measured by temperature detector A detector is used for a specific volume of the breath sample, which is used to determine the alcohol content. A reading which represents the breath alcohol content of the breath sample done by a Micro Controller. This analysis is used as part of an overall machine ignition locking system which prohibits starting the auto when the driver is compulsive. The system also requires rolling finals to insure that the motorist is still sober.


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