Pusher Unit Stabilization for Easy Conveying of Pipes to Avoid Accidents

Vasim A Shaikh, Santosh D Katkade, Valmik B Navale, Saurabh S Jain, Harshal Mahajan


The kaizen philosophy allows employees to problem solve, to do quantitative analyses of their processes, and to implement improvements. As practiced for many years in Japan, kaizen includes not only continuous improvement, but also other ideas such as total quality control, small group activities, PDCA, WHY- WHY analysis, Visualization and just in time manufacturing. A focus on processes requires measurements, some of which are based on the scientific management ideas. The same theme of Kaizen is used in the project of rolling mill pusher unit system for transferring laterally pipe or the like while they are being conveyed lengthwise on a conveyor. Pusher use in handling hot finished pipe at high speed in a tube rolling mill. The pusher will be described in an embodiment adapted to receive separate or discrete pipe lengths from a stretch reducing mill and to transfer the pipe lengths to cooling beds. The pipe supposed to transfer from laterally to the axial conveyor when the pusher is at its top most position, but it is not happen because the pusher block height is not sufficient to convey pipe. More particularly the project relates to increase pusher block height at top most position by doing modification in the pusher unit system.


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