Solar Powered IoT base Smart Irrigation System

Prof. Pratap S.Garudkar, Prof.Shubham B. Sonone, Prof.Mohit D. Pathak


An automated irrigation system was developed to optimize the use of water for agricultural crops. Nowadays, farmers in the agriculture field are facing a lot of problems in pouring the water into their fields to keep their crops healthy, especially in the summer season. In this paper mentioned system keeps the information about the level of moisture in the soil and keeps moisture to acceptable limits. The level of moisture can be measured using a sensor namely a moisture sensor. According to the level of measured moisture, the water pump is switched ON or OFF. As the sun is an unlimited source of power, solar panels are used in this project to fulfil the required need for power. This system conserves electricity by reducing the usage of grid power and conserves water by reducing water losses. Solar cells those convert sun’s energy into electrical energy are costly and inefficient


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