Smart Information Desk using Raspberry Pi

Akshay Agrawal, Kalyani Bonde, Vaishnavi Kanherkar, Radhika Jadhav, Amitkumar Manekar


—IoT is a very emerging trend in today’s world it has a variety of application in our life. We are living in 21st century where all the work is done using technology and has become an integrated part of life. The internet of things which is very trending now-a-days is used in various electronic devices as we want all our work to be in fractions of a second. We come up with solutions to problems which are very familiar to everybody, as we all go to corporate offices at one time of our lifetime. As anyone go in any office for the very first time we don’t know anything about that office like about the infrastructure, various departments and all. When we don’t know anything we ask the receptionist for help and this is time consuming. To solve this time consuming problems Smart Mirror is introduced which will act as the information desk for new visitors, employees and clients. Also we have made our mirror multitasked more information about that is available in this paper. Moreover we have added matrix server in our mirror so that calling and chatting can also be done with this mirror. This paper contains the problem statement and detailed technology stack along with our project development idea and our results and conclusion. The internet of things, AI is used to implement this project.


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