Android Based Waste Management for Smart Cities

Prof. Namrata D. Ghuse, Kanchan P. Chavhal, Shyamji A. Pandey, Monika D. Pawar


With the growth of population of a country, proper management of cumulative of waste or garbage becomes more difficult and acute for maintaining green environment. Waste Management are basically a function of the Urban Local area such as district municipal bodies, nagar pallikas and other authorities. But from different conventional approach currently municipal authorities are following are not that much efficient way which does not working like they needs to be, and the outcomes directly causes humans, environment and residential areas. Where the problem is, citizens are not involving in making there city smart in terms of infrastructure and certain policies and initiatives taken by the Indian government like Smart cities, Clean India initiative, Digital India projects etc., because of only one reason which is transparency between legal authorities, there works and the very important citizens. To overcome all these problems in interactive way with the authorities and less work of citizens in this process will be made. The instant action over the garbage lumps in cities, water leakage issues, road damage, traffic issues in selected smart cities will be captured by the application user then image will get uploaded at the authorities end with the actual location from where the image get captured. An instant response on the incoming complaints will be taken by particular authority and the problem will be resolved in short span of time with proper acknowledgement from the authorities after actions taken.

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