Prof. Bharti Patil., Nandu Sarkate, Jyoti Pawar, Apurva Dhake, Priyanka Ner


Recruitment system using Cloud Computing is a online web based application developed in the windows platform for a placement cell of the colleges in provide the information of its student in a cloud database for the companies to their process of recruitment provided with a proper login. Student can be registration to the placement management. The goal of the system is to develop a user-friendly web-based application using cloud database that automates the routine activities for an IT company or firm. The main function of TPO is to recruit, manage and store the student data which includes their personal information including their RESUME, Academic info. Student has a more facilities to the placement. This system recruitment is an online website in which can Placement cell register online and apply for campus drive as well as attend the online exam. Recruitment websites and make possible for Placement officer to access information that is to managing their staff, they can use for promotion decisions, payroll considerations and succession planning. This system used for cloud computing. They are follows services are SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS. This service single instance of the service the cloud & multiple users are serviced. KB-ABE is considered many Clouds computing storage and computing application

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