AgriCloud: Cloud based involuntary System for Delivering Agriculture as a Service

Bhushan Patil, R.S. Shirsath, Kapil Patil, Gaurav Chaudhary


In India, most of the population depends on agri-culture, vary of dependency on agriculture is 60-70 percent. Wise farming is that the event that emphasizes the utilization of knowledge and communication in new technology like cloud computing, is expected to leverage this development. Cloud computing plays a vital role for the resources used in agriculture, it helps to supply correct and required data to a farmer to spice up plant gaining efficiency. Today, use of mobile devices are very common by everyone, in conjunction with the farmers. Introduction of knowledge and Communication Technologies (ICT) has seen a keen role in the existence of farmers. Earlier, farmers accustomed depend on clouds for rains were wanting into the Cloud Computing (CC) for his or her solutions towards the cultivation of upper crops in the trendy agricultural world. The standard methods used by the farmers, notably in an Asian country, are really slow and unreliable. The crops are broken field itself due to ill health attacks and lack of knowledge resources. This loss grows quite 400th in total annually. Typically farmers are not awake to the wise quality of seeds, manures, fertilizers, and biocides. Indian farmers are lacking in resource management and in adopting new offered technology in the market. A farmer cannot able to get the actual data, related to soil analysis, forecast, and research. the prevailing systems supply agricultural data and provide cloud services like data analyzer services used by farmers, Agri-expert and officers in facilitating centers like KISAN facilitate CENTER etc. the prevailing system does not supply data before cultivating the crop, it does not supply full temporary pointers from starting of the crop to sell the crop in market

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