UID Based Voting System - An Extension to EVM

P. C. Patil, Pooja Aski, Kiran Hire, Saloni Ambekar


In India, the traditional voting system is based on EVM machine. Every polling booth is having EVM setup and the voter casts his vote by validating the name available in a voter list. The possibility of fake voting might be occur due to a dummy identity proof . Irrespective of all authentication process

,  it also becomes difficult to identify the voter who are voting for more than one time. So a need is to create a secure, authentic, robust and sustainable system which overcomes all the limitations of existing system. A new software application will be linked to the database of the main server. Where in the database voters AADHAR details are stored. With the help of these details it would be possible to detect the identity of a voter. This system will be solution for the problem of malpractices in traditional voting system. Also a person who is not living in his/her hometown where he has his voting registration will be able to vote without any difficulty with the help of his Aadhar number which would enable him to vote from any city or town. The main motto of our system is to overcome the limitations of the traditional voting system.

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