Intellectual Earthing System

Sanket Suresh Nawale, Komal Sham Dabhade, Shrutika Ranjit Landage, Shantanu Vinayak Aher, Tabish Shah


This paper is a case study of an earthing system implementation, the associated error and how effectively they can be compensated. When resistance of earth is taken into account it is being realized that there are many factors that can influence the performance of system as well as earthing.


The fundamental aim of this project is to operate the relay with change in magnitude of current if the fault is occurring in three phase induction motor, transformer, transmission line. A low price and reliable protection scheme has been designed which monitors the parameter earthing system like soil moisture level, earth resistance, magnitude of fault current level of protection required. System measures these parameter by soil moisture sensor, display, controller, CT. The sensor and CT provide data to controller and then the collected data will calibrated with accuracy of system data through microcontroller. LCD will show the measurable value of soil resistance if the measured value will cross the given limit then valve will operated with allowable flow of water so the required value of resistance may be obtained.

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