Automatic Scheduling System using AI

Apurva D. Kolhe, Chaitali D. Patil, Mitali A. Aherrao, Riyanka S. Rai


The traditional method of manually creating a timetable is very tedious and time consuming, due to this many times dierent problems occur like various classes may clash, extra load on certain teachers and this all may ultimately aect the curriculum of students. To overcome all these problems we propose an automated timetable scheduling system. This system will be capable of handling both hard and soft constraints which are specially required for preparing timetables in colleges where there is a large number of students and limited classrooms, labs, and faculties as well as limited time to complete the curriculum considering the exam period. We propose a system which will take faculty details, allocated subjects and number of classrooms and labs available as well as hours allocated by the university as an input. Once the nal timetable is generated, separate timetables for faculty, labs and dierent classes will be available as an output. It will also keep a track of previous year’s generated timetables.

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