Smart Farm for Animal Welfare Monitoring

Mohan C Nikam, Suraj Wagh, Priyanka Mahajan, Devayani Waghmare, Ketan Padewar


Currently Smart farming addresses basic needs of farmers , such as helping farmers to automate farming.We developed an open and low cost concepts used for smart fog(edge) system to create smart farm animal welfare monitoring. The po- sition of the animals are collected for analysis purpose. Different sensors are used for sensing the temperature, humidity,animal behavior and disease detection of animal like cattles, poultry farms,stables. Our system we use Arduino as edge devices to monitor farm environment and animal.we emulate the cloud  with a web-based database and we save sensors data that enables communication between mobile application and work station. We demonstrate that a low-cost and open computing and sensing system can effectively monitor multiple parameters related to animal welfare.

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