PV-DVR Based Efficient Interleaved Converter for Improving Voltage Quality

Sharmila M, Vikram S. Patil, Sagar U. Shinde


This paper proposed a novel photovoltaic fed Dynamic Voltage Restorer (PV-DVR) to conservative voltage
swells, deep voltage sags and power on a low voltage residential supply arrangement for the duration of both day time and night time. During excess voltage regulation, the proposed PV-DVR reduce the power saving from the utility grid by disconnect the utility grid from the load in the semiconductor device switch. As the Photovoltaic arrangement generates average power to the required critical load through the day time. But the decrease of power improvement is permanently needed for the lessening of panel tariff and over all warm gas. Instead of low step-up DC–DC converter. Considered the interleaved high step up
DC-DC converter with PI controller algorithm get rid of the drawback of conventional PV based DVR by tracking disorder &detect maximum power point( MPPT) of the photo voltaic array. Simulation and experimental results are presented to validate the improvement of the proposed system.

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