Intelligent Farm Surveillance System for Human Bird Animals Detection

Prabhavati Waghmare, Yogita Dhepale, Sujata Shelke


Idea of Intelligent farm surveillance system is to keep watch on farm and motivate lossless farming even the owner is not on field. The traditional farm surveillance requires manual detection of objects. Intelligent farm surveillance system takes us to video level processing techniques to identify the objects from farms video. Many developed countries as well as developing countries are using intelligent farm surveillance system so that they can monitor the farm remotely from anywhere. In this paper we are going to see various techniques used for object detection. Videos are first captured and converted into frames, later this frames are been processed and the actual shape of the object is been detected from a sequence of video frames. For identification of object we are going to use moving object detection, perform a series of morphological operations, feature extraction etc. Main goal of our system is to automatic object detection and notify   the user so that necessary action can be done. We have to make system such that it will reduce false negative rate of detection of suspicious objects in farm.

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