Human Presence Detection and Alerting Gas Leakage using Smart Application

Akshay M. Chaudhari, Tufel k. Sayyad, Kavita S. Kumavat


IoT is a spreading course of action of physical contraptions that are associated with different sorts of sensors and with the help of accessibility to the web, they can trade information.. Through IoT, web has now extended its basic establishments to in every way that really matters of each possible thing present around  us  and  isn’t  any  more  obliged to our PCs and mobile phones. Security, the essential stress of any wander, has not been left untouched by IoT. This paper portrays the improvement of a system that uses information from a couple of home motorization contraptions, to recognize the closeness of a man in the space where  the  devices  are  found. The acknowledgment however doesn’t rely upon the information of devices that explicitly perceive human proximity, like development discoverers. Working up a model that constantly screens the gas spill with the help of the electronic sensors. This data is put aside a few minutes through steady supports over the web.

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