Implementation of Ant Colony Optimization and Genetic Algorithm to Plant Layout

Ankita P. Patil, K. V. Chandratre


Plant layout is related with designing the layout and allocation of machines and activities of the system. For effective and smooth working of the system it is important to design the layout properly. The aim is to allocate ‘n’ facilities to ‘n’ locations thus reducing the sum of flow times distance. It is shown in many research that 20-30% of overall manufacturing cost is occupied by material handling. The reduction in material handling can   be achieved by optimizing the plant layout with effectively implementing the optimization techniques. This paper eventually deals with implementing Ant Colony Optimization and Genetic algorithm to industrial plant layout with an  aim  to minimize the sum of flow times distance using MATLAB as an tool to design the program. The problem is framed mathematically using Quadratic Assignment Problem and the algorithms are validated by implementing them on the benchmark problem available in the QAPLIB.

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