Secure Logging as a Service against DDoS and Pollution Attacks

Suraj G. Mehare, Dr. A. C. Lomte


Now a days cloud computing has became as a popular computing paradigm. However, cloud computing architectures
lack support for computer forensic investigations. Analyzing
various logs like process logs, network logs play an important
role in computer forensics. Unluckily, collecting logs from a cloud
is hard given the black-box nature of clouds and the multi-tenant
cloud models, where the same processing and network resources
are shared by many users. Researchers have proposed to mitigate
the challenges of collecting logs from cloud infrastructure using
log API or cloud management console. However, there is no
concrete work, which shows the ways to provide cloud logs to
investigator promising users privacy and integrity of the logs
is preserved. In this paper, we introduce Secure-Logging-as-aService (SecLaaS) that stores virtual machines logs and provides
access to forensic investigators ensuring the confidentiality of the
cloud users. SecLaaS also preserves proofs of past log and thus
protects the integrity of the logs from dishonest investigators or
cloud providers.

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