Big File Cloud Storage System: High-Performance Secure Storage Service Based On De-duplication And File Compression

Sukruti Bhimrao Gajare


Nowadays, cloud-based storage systems are advancing and has become an emerging trend in storing of big data
files. Many complications arise while designing an efficient and
low intricate storage engine for cloud-based systems considering
the major issues like metadata size, latency for uploading and
downloading, big files processing, parallel Input and Output,
deduplication, distributed nature, high scalability. Key value
stores has a major and important role and have given many
advantages when solving those issues. This paper presents about
Big File Cloud Based Storage System (BFCSS) with its modules
and architecture that aims to handle most of problems in a Cloud
Storage System for storing big files, which is based on key value
store. Here we are proposing less-intricate, fixed metadata design,
which allows fast as well as highly-concurrent, distributed file
Input/Output, and simple file and data de-duplication method
for static data. For storing big files of nearly terabytes of data
, this method can be used to build the Cloud Based Storage

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