A Novel Approach For Image Hashing Using Ring Partition and Invariant Vector Distance

Saba A. Shaikh, Prof. Samadhan A. Sonavane


As well famed, image hashing must satisfy two basic properties: Robustness and Discriminative capability (or anticollision capability). Robustness strength means that visually identical pictures have identical (or terribly similar) hash in spite of what their digital representations are. In different words, image hashing ought to be strong against commonly-used digital operations to photographs, like image compression and geometric transforms. Discriminative capability stands for that totally completely different pictures have different image hashes. This means that hash distance between totally different images ought to be massive enough. Certainly, image hashing could produce other properties for coping with specific applications. For example, a key-dependent and robustness to visual content changes once its applied to image authentication .

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