A Robust DWT Watermarking for 3D Images

Sanjay R. Zadokar, Ravindra B. Rathod


In today’s world, development in various fields is attracting people for enhancing the technology. The exposure of the 3D technology is now way booming and the people show the enormous interest on 3D technology because it provides an immersive experience to the viewers [1]. The 3D images are generally used in the virtual reality, in medical imaging, in video games and in the computer aided design. Therefore an effective watermarking technique is required for the protection of 3D content data. In this paper the watermarking i.e. content protection is done with the help of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) on anaglyph 3D images. To increase robustness of the given system, the selection of row coefficient is necessary therefore in this paper certain coefficient sub blocks and groups the coefficients from rows. The tool use for developing this proposed work is image processing and wavelet toolbox of MATLAB for "reading" the images and for performing the DWT operations. The simulation shows that the stable extraction of embedded watermark is done from the synthesized anaglyph center 3D image. The embedded watermark can be efficiently extracted despite any noise attack on a front image. The proposed scheme is applicable for any compression technique as well as on any type of image.

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