XML Keyword Query Processing on Disk based Index using Top Down Approach

Nikita R. Alai, A. S. Vaidya


From the past many years there has been much scope in efficiently replying to the Extended Markup Language (XML) keyword queries. Limitations of the existing system can be listed as the common-ancestor-repetition (CAR) and visitinguseless-nodes (VUN) issues. In order to solve the CAR problem, we hereby introduce a generic top-down strategy to answer a given keyword query. The meaning of this top-down method is that we will be visiting all the common ancestor (CA) nodes in approaches like depth-wise, left-to-right and by introducing generic approach it can be concluded that our implementation is not related to query semantics. So as to solve the issue of VUN, we implement to make use of child nodes, instead of descendant. We would be showing that for the purpose of faster document retrieval, the usage of tree is better than usage of array.Algorithms like LList based, Hash search based are performed for improved performance. We are using disk based index approach to reduce memory load.The advantage of the tree data structure over traditional array data structure is the searching process is more efficient and time saving.

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