Food Ordering Smart System

Asst. Prof. A. L. Maind, Jain Umesh Kumar, Badjate Shraddha, Batheja Megha, Bagrecha Darshan


Nowadays, android technology is wide used to integrate
heterogeneous systems and develop new applications.
Our application highlights a number of the constraints of the
traditional system. Here an application of integration of building
management systems by mechanical man services technology is
conferred Food Ordering System integrates numerous systems
of building business like Ordering System room Order price tag
(KOT), asking System, client Relationship Management system
(CRM) along. The system consists of a Smartphone/tablet at the
client table contains the application with all the menu details.
Its PDA-based food ordering system and planned the low price
bit screen primarily based eating place(restaurant) Management
System via Smartphone or pill as an answer. The client tablet,
and kitchen display connects directly with one another through
Wi-Fi. Orders created by the customer are going to be instantly
reaching the room module (Kitchen). This wireless application
is easy, improves efficiency and accuracy for restaurants by
saving time, reduces human errors and provides client feedback.
This technique with success overcomes the drawbacks in earlier
machine-driven food ordering systems and is a smaller amount
big-ticket because it needs a one-time investment for gadgets.
This technique will increase quality and speed of service. This
technique conjointly will increase attraction of place for big
vary of consumers. Implementing this technique offers a costefficient
chance to administer your customers a customized
service expertise wherever they’re up to the mark selecting what
they require, after they wish it - from eating to ordering to
payment and feedback. We tend to implement this technique
using android. The forepart is going to be developed Android
studio and backend can work on SQLite Database.

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