Career Guidance System

B. A. Khivsara, Kale Ruchira, Kale Ruchira, Kale Ruchira, Naval Mayuri, Naval Mayuri, Shinde Rashmi, Sonwane Ratna, Naval Mayuri, Shinde Rashmi, Shinde Rashmi, Sonwane Ratna, Sonwane Ratna


Now a day, there are issues of students and parents
for choosing proper carrier option as per there talent, interest
and capability. Sometimes they are unable to take proper carrier
option. Therefore, there is need to develop a software that
will appropriately guide students for choosing carrier option
with detail of college related to it with quality ranking. This
application provides number of facilities like carrier test/IQ
test/interest test according to the result of test it will provide
proper carrier option for them as well as we provide different
courses after 10th and 12th , websites, universities, competitive

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