Brainy Lab Using Ubiquitous Computing

Pragati Kaswa, Shital Bhadane, Shraddha Jain, Bhagyashri Bhandare, S. B. Ambhore


In the IOT, things are expected to become active
participants where they are able to communicate among themselves
by exchanging data and information sensed about the
environment. For that they react freely to the real world events
and provide services with or without direct human intervention.
Now anyone, from anytime and anywhere can have connectivity
for anything and it is expected that these connections will extend
and create an entirely excellent dynamic network. IOT technology
can also be applied to create a new concept and wide development
space for smart labs to provide intelligence, comfort and to
improve the quality of life. These changes have given rise to the
development of several lab automation technologies and systems.
According to, lab automation can be useful to those who need
to Access lab appliances while away from their lab through the
smart phones and can incredibly improve the lives of the disabled.

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