Smart Street Light Management System

Prof.B. A. Khivsara, Dhanashri Patil, Kamlesh Jain, Payal Sanap,, Trupti Lulla


In todays life there is huge loss of electrical energy
for the street light. This wastage is controlled by using various
sensors and actuators through IOT(internet of things). For that
we have constructed the Smart Street Light Management System.
In proposed system we use sensors like light,motion,humidity
for switch on/off the lamps.
Everyone is login through the android application.All the
data is stored in the database. And there is login for authorized
person who can access the and also he/she can on/off the street
light through android application. Socially proposed system is
really very helpful due data from the database from anywhere
to its features to save the energy.

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