Pophare S. M., Jadhav H. S.


The shell structure has strength due to its geometrical
form. Reinforced concrete (RC) doubly curved shell structure
has high strength to weight ratio and stiffness as compared to
other structural form. Literature survey reveals partial behaviour
analysis of doubly curved RC shell is available, so following are
objectives of study. To do complete behaviour analysis of doubly
curved shell in linear elastic, nonlinear elastic and plastic state
to understand behaviour. To find the effect of parameter such
as boundary condition and radius of shell on load deflection
behaviour of shell. To locate initiation of plasticity and its spread
pattern on shell structure. To find the influence of reinforcement
on load displacement behaviour and strength of shell. To check
the suitability of limit state method for design of doubly curved
RC shell. Von- Mises and Tresca failure criteria are adequate
and analysis is done using finite element method. In RC shell due
to reinforcement, deformation reduces and strength increases as
compared to shell without reinforcement. The ratio of ultimate to
elastic load must be greater than 1.5 then only limit state method
is applicable and suitable to doubly curved RC shell. The future
area of research is outlined in conclusion.

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