Controlling of DSTATCOM by using Artificial Neural Network

Pallavi sanjay Jadhav, Pawan Chandrakant Tapre, C. Veeresh


In power system, power quality problems mainly arise
due to the pulsed loads, which cause the degradation of the entire
system performance during very short period of time which cause
the degradation of the entire system performance. This paper
presents the application of DSTATCOM to reduce the impact of
pulsed load on a bus voltage and thus keep it at desired level
improve the power quality in a power system during and after pulsed
loads Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM) is a Voltagesource
Inverter (VSI) based shunt compensation device which is
generally used to solve power quality problems in distribution
systems. The control strategy of the DSTATCOM plays an important
role in maintaining the voltage at the point of common coupling, A
novel adaptive control for the DSTATCOM based on artificial
Neural Network (ANN) for pulsed load is proposed in this paper. To
evaluate the performance of the DSTATCOM and the ANN adaptive
controller, a power system is developed in the
MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. The effectiveness of the
DSTATCOM and the ANN controller is examined for pulsed loads
of different magnitudes and durations.

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