Coordination and Performance Analysis of Pumped Hydro Storage System Integrated with Solar, Wind Hybrid System

Neeraj Kumar Singh, M. R. Bachawad


Power generation and energy needs of consumers will always
be uneven; there exists a mismatch between two terms.
Renewable energy sources are widely and increasingly
applied in the electrical power generation. Connecting these
sources to the power network improves flexibility, reliability,
security, efficiency and it releases substations from some
constraints. With the increasing penetration of solar and wind
power into electric power grid, to match the demand
requirement a dynamically stable energy storage system is
required which can response to the system with in less time as
well as can make the overall system more stable. Energy
storage can be used to mitigate the problems associated with
the fluctuating output power of the Wind turbines and Solar
PV arrays due to changing wind speed and solar irradiation
intensity. Using renewable generation in combination with
storage systems is one way to tackle voltage and frequency
regulation issues. Pumped Hydro Storage Systems are more
stable, help in making Grid more stable and safe from
different types of disturbances. This paper deals with
coordination and performance analysis of Hybrid system
consists of solar, wind and Pumped Hydro Storage Systems

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