An Experimental evaluation of Adaptive Real Time Web Crawler

Swapnil M Phalak, Sandip M Walunj


The internet is a vague collection of web pages containing
vague amount of information arranged in multiple servers.
The mere size of this collection is a daunting obstacle in
getting necessary and relevant information. This is where
search engines come into view which strives to retrieve
relevant information and serve it to the user. A Web Crawler is
one of the basic blocks of search engines. It is a program
which browses the World Wide Web for the purpose of Web
indexing and storing the data in a database for further analysis
and arrangement of the data. This paper is being aimed to
create an adaptive real time web crawler (ARTWC) which
retrieves the web links from a dataset and then achieves fast
in-site searching by extracting most relevant links with a
flexible and dynamic link re-ranking scheme. Our system
deduces that it is more effective than existing baseline
crawlers along with an increased coverage.

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