Food Logistics using Swarm Intelligence

Balasaheb S. Tarle, Pawar Karan Rajendra, Radhika Manoj Joshi, Archana Sathyan, Hemant Jagannath Karve


In the growing era of technology and smart cities use of smart
devices has increased a lot. Smart devices are being helpful in
many ways. There were some conventional ways of shopping
and then came in the e-shopping/shopping apps which
changed the scenario completely. There are apps/services like
Zomato and Foodpanda mostly available in major cities which
are used a lot to provide info/delivery of food from hotels. But
these kind of food cannot be reasonable and healthy on daily
meal basis. So we targeted the home cooked food providers
like Mess, Dabbawalas, and Maushis who provide food which
is cooked like home food and is reasonable in a specific
locality. It will substitute our method of going out and
enquiring to the people about the home cooks, as all this
information will be present on this platform. So for that we
propose a new approach for smart city and smart citizens. An
Online platform/smart application which will take over the old
method of searching for good home cooked food in your
surrounding area, having all information of Home Cooked
Food providers generally as Mess, Dabbawala, Take-away
Systems. This will help small scale businesses of locals to
grow faster and avail bigger audience through app. It will also
help people who are searching for daily meals which will be
reasonable, close to their location and which can be
discovered within a few seconds. Also a logistical part is
introduced which will let facilities like home delivery of food
possible. This will facilitate a system where the navigation
will be simpler using logistic path planning algorithm. (ABC

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