Taxi Automation Scheduling System using Adaptive Real Time Shortest Path Algorithm

Puja Talmale, Purwa Kothekar, Sonam Choure


Taxi Automation Scheduling System using Adaptive
Real Time Shortest Path Algorithm Abstract—The taxi automation
system involves assigning cab to customers waiting at different
areas. A taxi automation system currently in use by a major cab
service provider separates the city (in which the system operates)
into regional areas. Each area has fixed assigned adjacent areas
hand-coded by skilled person. When a local area does not have spare
cabs, the system chooses an adjacent area to find. However, such
fixed, hand-coded adjacency of areas cannot be a discreet indicator
because it does not take into consideration cyclic changes in traffic
patterns and road structure. This causes dispatch officials to limit
the system by manually compulsory movement on taxis.
The proposed system effectively modifies the closeness of dispatch
areas. The proposed technique will decrease the total waiting time
due to calculation of total waiting time includes allotted taxi with
spare taxis, is less in ratio with the present system and increases
taxi performance in comparison with results of the duplication
without self-organization.
To manually conquered the drawback of the previous dispatch
system can be unfavorable when used with a self-organizing system.

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