Color Image Compression Using EZW and SPIHT Algorithm

Ms. Swati Pawar, Mrs. Adita Nimbalkar, Mr. Vivek Ugale


Image compression is now essential for applicationssuch as transmission and storage in data bases. A fundamental goalof data compression is to reduce the bit rate for transmission orstorage while maintaining an acceptable fidelity or image quality.Image compression is used to minimize the amount of memoryneeded to represent an image. Images often require a large numberof bits to represent them, and if the image needs to be transmitted orstored, it is impractical to do so without somehow reducing thenumber of bits. The problem of transmitting or storing an imageaffects all of us daily. Embedded zerotree wavelet (EZW) coding,introduced by J. M. Shapiro, is a very effective and computationallysimple technique for image compression. Moreover, they present anew and different implementation based on set partitioning inhierarchical trees (SPIHT), which provides even better performancethan their previously reported extension of EZW that surpassed theperformance of the original EZW.

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