Enhancing Government Procurement: Utilizing Business Intelligence for Deep Data Analytics in Electronic Procurement

Saurabh Bansal, Neelesh Jain, Neelesh Jain, Neelesh Jain


Abstract— Government procurement processes can be made more effective, transparent, and accountable by using electronic procurement systems, which have attracted a lot of attention in the public sector. To comprehend and evaluate the usage and effects of the government's electronic procurement system, this research article conducts an analytical analysis. The paper evaluates the primary characteristics, advantages, difficulties, and success factors related to the deployment of electronic procurement systems, drawing knowledge from prior research and actual case studies. The paper also suggests a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of electronic procurement systems based on several criteria, including process effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, vendor engagement, and governance. The study's findings aid in understanding the function and potential of the Electronic Procurement System in modernizing government procurement.


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